About Us

Shield Lubricants are one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist retail chemical and oil products to the automotive, agricultural, industrial, food, commercial and marine industries.

We blend using high quality virgin base oil ranging from Group 1 to Group 4

A strict quality control system is in place at the blending stage with all our products tested in the laboratory at every point in the blending process. Incoming raw materials like base oil and additives are tested as per the specification of supplier and accepted only if it meets the required specifications. The in-process goods are tested as per the product data specifications prepared keeping in mind the SAE J 300 and other relevant standards requirements like DIN, MIL, JASO, ISO etc. Once it is approved by the lab after testing, it is filled in various packs and again before shipping key tests are carried out to ensure the product reaches to the end-user with all approved tests by following strict ASTM standards.